Corporate Membership

In the complex business ecosystem of today, companies often operate on multiple fronts – maintaining physical stores while simultaneously keeping a strong online presence. Such a business model requires a mastery of diverse marketing strategies tailored to both arenas and a deep understanding of how they interconnect.

The Brand Accelerator’s All-Access Corporate Membership is engineered precisely for businesses seeking comprehensive marketing education for their teams. This membership provides the best of both worlds – comprehensive strategies for driving footfall to physical stores and innovative methods to bolster online visibility and conversions.

What does our All-Access Corporate Membership offer?

  • Ten Seats, Two Tracks: Your All-Access Corporate Membership offers up to ten seats, allowing your team members to benefit from both our Brick & Mortar and eCommerce Tracks. The lessons across these tracks, although thematically similar, are uniquely tailored to the needs of each business type.
  • Live Monthly Training Sessions: Each month, your team will engage with industry experts who have served the biggest brands and tech giants globally. These live sessions will equip them with effective, actionable strategies for both your physical and online business branches.
  • Dedicated Slack Channel Access: After each live training session, your team will enjoy 30 days of access to dedicated Slack channels for both tracks. This offers a platform to continue engagement with our experts, ask questions, and receive personalized guidance as they implement the tactics discussed.
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions: Each track holds an hour-long Q&A session later in the month to deepen understanding, address challenges encountered, and clarify concepts.

With the All-Access Corporate Membership, you’re not just signing up for a course—you’re bringing a wealth of industry knowledge to your team. The membership fosters a culture of continuous learning, with our professionals leading the way through real-world testing, data analysis, and staying ahead of marketing trends in both physical and online realms.

Invest in the future of your business with the All-Access Corporate Membership. Join The Brand Accelerator today, and set your team on the path to holistic business growth and success!